Life Reboot


icon2In this fast moving world sometimes we forget ourselves and lose track of self. At this time we need something to rejuvenate our life or in computing terms reboot our lives. Life reboot has been developed to initiate this new part of you which will make you feel good about yourself and help in rebuilding your life.

This app is also useful for those who are fighting with depression.

Life reboot has been designed by taking guidance from various therapists and psychological counsellors. This app is designed not as a substitute to therapy but a support to the treatment for a person who is not actually struggling but trying to find a way out.

Life Reboot has 8 modules –

**Diary- A daily diary entry is the most effective way in treating depression or sadness. Keeping a journal is a good way to start coping with stress and anxiety.

**Reminders- Set Reminders for medications. Choose date /time/day to set reminders, choose song and vibration. Edit your reminder. Write medicine name, dosage and with food or after food.

**Daily Motivational quotes- Powerful motivational quotes can help a person feel motivated in tough times. You can share the quotes you like with your friends.

**Jokes- Good humour is a tonic for the mind and the body. You can also share the jokes with your friends

**Music- Soothing and Calm music to listen as part of music therapy. A list of music to choose from.

**Yoga Asanas- Description of various Yoga Asanas. Yoga is a great way to work on your flexibility and strength. You may feel less stressed and more relaxed after doing some yoga. To be practiced with a yoga expert.

**Games- Tic Tac Toe and Painting . Art Therapy is often used to help treat stress. Through creative expression, painting, and many other forms of Art are used to treat those experiencing sadness. It offers a therapeutic effect, building self esteem and empowering self healing.

** Visualization-Visualization techniques to overcome negative thoughts by replacing them with positive ones. Visualization is the act of imagining yourself in a peaceful and safe environment – a place that makes you relaxed and happy. By transferring yourself there mentally, you’re able to calm your mind and body and sufficiently distract yourself with something that relaxes you.

Life Reboot does not guarantee that it will cure any psychological condition but it will surely give a direction to the user who is trying to rebuild a new life.


Behind the darkest cloud there is a ray of sunlight – make the choice today to look for that ray of light!

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