Shake2Safety Pro

Latest update –

Audio recording feature added.Now a 4 second audio is recorded with a shake or using power button.Audio saved in Shake2Safety/Audio folder by file name SOS,current date and time.

Activate App by Shake detection or power button or both options.

User can deactivate shake option and choose power button option only and vice versa.

Send multiple text messages with location to different numbers saved by you by just shaking the phone or pressing power button 4 times in 5 seconds.

Camera takes a picture after the shake/button pressing. No sound or flash during camera operation.

A 4 second audio is recorded with a shake or using power button.

Send picture of emergency situation with location to a contact by just shaking your phone or pressing power button 4 times.

Share picture with location using Whatsapp, Facebook ,Viber, Gmail, Hangout etc

Current location button added. Know your current location by just clicking the button at top right corner of the app.

Current location also shown at bottom left corner of the app.

Siren button added.

No ads.

** Works even on locked screen.

** Works even when there is no internet connection.

** No Registration required. No root required.

** Mimic the Galaxy S6’s SOS Feature on Any Android Device

Directions of use –

Use the + red sign at the bottom right to set your primary emergency contact.
Choose Send SMS/Text message, Call or both options.
Choose another number as emergency contact.
You can now choose as many contacts for sending Text Message/SMS
Note -> By shaking the phone or by pressing power button 4 times, you can send as many Text message/SMS to different phone numbers saved by you but call can be sent to only one contact i.e. your primary contact.
Set the Sensitivity (between 10 to 25 for most phones) to avoid sending text message, call or share picture by mistake.
Shake your phone or press power button 4 times in 5 seconds to send a SOS SMS/Text message with current location.

Now you can send a Picture of the emergency situation with location to a contact.
You can also send picture to a contact using multimedia messaging or MMS via Hangout etc
Call generated by just a shake or pressing power button 4 times to primary emergency number.
You can also know your current location by clicking on the button at the top right corner of the app.

Use this application in case of emergency like accident, harassment, robbery, abuse, natural calamity, bullying, terrorist attack, medical emergency, airplane mishap, domestic violence, natural disaster like earthquake, tsunami etc
Very useful for Women Protection and Child safety.
Material design and easy to use interface.

** Manually restart the app after the phone is switched on from off position.
** Now you can activate the app in the settings menu
** Shake detection is ignored after 10 seconds.
** For call and text message/SMS standard carrier charges may apply. If you have unlimited text message then no charges may apply.For sharing picture your Data charges may apply if your phone is not in free WiFi range.
In ordinary situation this app can also be used as shake to call.
Note -> The sensitivity shown is in reverse order. This means 5 sensitivity is too high and by a little shake the app is activated and 100 is lower that means you have to shake too much to activate. In simple terms it is the other way round.
** For location please keep your GPS on. When there is no Wi-Fi, GPS or mobile data then no location goes with the message/picture. Also it gives your last location if GPS is off.

** Personal Safety App / Emergency Alert / SOS app **

** Power button option might not work in single core processors.Users can still use the shake option.

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** Do read our privacy policy and terms of use


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